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Our style is elegant, flirty, and fashion inspired. We want you to look back at your images and not only remember the fun experience, but remember feeling the "gorgeousness" your images reflect.

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Send us a message & tell us more about your dream photoshoot! Be sure to include any extra information like if you need products by a certain date.

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We're so excited to work with you! Give us a call at 571-338-0075 so that we can decide on a session date & time and take care of your session fee. We don't hold sessions unless the session fee has been paid, so please make sure we take care of this ASAP.

Once we've done those things, you're officially booked!

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When we book your session date, we'll also book your consultation.

Your consultation is when we will get to know you better, discuss how to prepare for your session, what to bring, and any other thoughts (or fears) you may have about having your session.

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It's finally here - your Photography Session!

You'll spend about an hour being pampered by our hair & makeup team, and then we'll guide you through poses as we go through your wardrobe. We have no limit on wardrobe.

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You'll see your retouched images at your Reveal Session roughly one week after we've photographed you.

At this time, we will help you (and any decision makers) go through and choose the images you wish to purchase. We have no minimum purchase! It's our job to take gorgeous images of you so that you want every single one!

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